If you home leaves you feeling uninspired or it’s no longer working for your family’s needs, renovating can help to make it more functional and allow you to fall in love with your home again. 

House’s age just like we do and choosing to renovate can help you keep it modern and reduce cost future down the line. Below you’ll find 4 reasons why renovating your home is a good idea: 

Increase space

At some point we all need more space. Our families grow, we start working from home or we need a spare room, there are plenty of reasons why we might need to renovate our home in a way that would give us more space. By making changes to your home layout, you can ensure you home is working for you. When it comes to increased space we often think the only way we can get it is if we move but if you love your home, renovation is probably a better path to go down. 

Increase the value of your home 

The last thing you may want to think about when you are looking to spend all of this money on your home is potentially moving but it is always good to have a little idea of what could happen down the road. 

Renovating your home can have a positive impact on the value. Be it upgrading the kitchen or bathroom, or converting the garage into an extra living space, you can add up to 15% value to your property (Zoopla, 2022). A home that is in its best condition has a higher value than a home that has an outdated look or is not in turnkey condition. 

Who wants the stress of moving

Yes looking for a new home can be exciting but we always forget the struggle and the sleepless nights that can come along with this. Here at Sawmill we hope to help take the stress away by helping you throughout your project, from design to decorating we can help you create the best space for you and your home. Renovating may also be the best option, financially, especially with the current climate. 

Add your own touch

It is very difficult to put your own stamp on your home these days. Over time your style and taste may get lost especially if all the homes around you feel like they look the same. What may have been your taste when you first moved in may not be what you want today. So we say change it up and make it yours. 

We want to help you add your own personal touch to your home. A renovation can form a strong emotional connection between you and your home. When you invest time, effort, and creativity into transforming your living space, it becomes a reflection of your identity and values. This connection can enhance your overall well-being and satisfaction within your home. Who doesn’t want to come back to a home they are proud of.

Remember that renovating your home requires careful planning, budgeting and consideration of practicalities. It’s essential to assess the feasibility of your ideas, consult the right people and prioritise renovations that align with your budget and long-term goals. 

We are here to help you every step of the way from creating the changes, to carrying out the work, to decorating. Get in touch with the us here at Sawmill Contracts if you have any questions or would like some more information.