Embarking on a renovation project is a monumental endeavour full of complexities, deadlines and budgets. In such a demanding landscape, the role of a professional project management team cannot be overstated. Overseeing the project yourself can be overwhelming to say the least. At Sawmill Contracts we understand how big a responsibility it is to project manage a home renovation. 

We also understand that most homeowners don’t have the luxury of time and expert knowledge to manage a construction project. This is why we offer a one-stop service where we take care of all the needs from start to finish. 

It may seem like a good idea to project manage your renovation to cut back on some costs but we do not recommend it. Without the expertise and experience, you can overlook a number of factors that might end up delaying the project, impacting the budget and compromising the finished project. 

Mistakes in this area are costly and the project can easily become a money pit if you aren’t careful. Our advice is to find a professional company to manage and carry out the full project for you. The benefits of doing this are:

Remove the stress

Hiring a professional does not mean you do not have a say in the running of your project. A project manager will consult with you before and during the build process all while making your vision a reality. 

It is the project managers responsibility to organise and lead the team from the outset to completion while regularly updating you and coordinating with you. This is everything from your electrician to plumber to window supplier or kitchen supplier. You will have full control while handing over the day-to-day tasks. 

Coordinate the timing and phasing of the project

Even with a professional project manager most schedules face hiccups on the way however the likelihood of significant setbacks can be avoided as they can potentially see them coming and work with them. It can be extremely difficult for a homeowner to coordinate everything themselves and can become extremely overwhelming so we advise taking the stress off. 

Managing Trades

Managing trades can be stressful, knowing exactly when one trade will be finishing and another should start without significant gaps in the schedule. Your project manager will make sure that the builder, electrician, plumber, plasterer etc are brought in at the correct time. Coordinating and managing various trades is time-consuming, stressful and difficult at times. 

The problem also arises when trying to find the right tradespeople for you. A good project manager will already have a team of people around them that they trust to come in and do an excellent job on the time they have agreed. This will ensure the project is delivered on budget and on time. 


With so much going on with the project the last thing you may have considered is health and safety on site. Your project manager is in charge of the safety protocols during the build which is key when carrying out work. Your project manager should have specialised training to take on such a responsibility.

Stay on Track

The biggest stress when carrying out home renovations or extensions is always staying on time and within the budget. A project manager’s main responsibility is ensuring this is met without compromising the quality of the build. This is a big challenge with even the most experienced project managers facing delays, accidents, problems and unexpected surprises at any time. 

These situations can impact a project but you have hired the project manager to manage these delays and costs so that you can focus on other aspects of the project. They will keep you up to date throughout with any changes or setbacks allowing you to remain in the loop about everything without becoming overwhelmed like you may have if you ran the project yourself. 

Most homeowners believe they can save money by managing everything themselves. However most of the time this can cause the project to overrun and become over budget all while being overwhelming. 

Let the experts handle your project. Professional project managers know the dos and don’ts that can help everything run as smoothly as possible all while delivering the best end result. 

For all renovation and extension projects, you can trust Sawmill Contracts to carry out the best service. Contact us today to discuss the project you have in mind no matter what stage you are at.