Sawmill Contacts Home Renovation

Clarify how you like to live before you start this journey 

Too many people rush into following the trend or what they see in their friends and families homes. If you don’t host dinner parties or like to sit at a dining table every night for dinner, why are you creating a space for this when it could be a useful utility room or office space? Why are you building up into your attic for an extra bedroom for guests that will never come over when it could be a chill zone for the kids? Think about your needs and the home you really want to create before putting out a substantial amount of money. 

Get a plan 

Once you know how you want your home to look it is time to see if this idea can become a reality. We always advise our clients to speak with an architect if they haven’t already as every council is different when it comes to what projects need building warrants and planning permission. To you it may only be removing an internal wall to make your kitchen bigger but in reality this could be a supporting wall which needs a steel beam installed to keep your home up. They will also help you submit these drawings to your council for approval. It is always good to get in touch with an architect and we have some excellent architects we can recommend to help this process be quick and easy.


Once you have your plans and have all your building warrants it is time to get back in touch with us to provide a quotation for this project. We provide free in depth quotations which break down exactly where your money is going across the full job. 

Lets get talking 

Once we have the quotation all together we will organise a site visit at your home. We can have a walk through and discuss the project as well as answer any questions you may have about us. We can provide you with pass projects and clients we have worked with to build your confidence in us and help you ensure you are making the right choice by using Sawmill Contracts on your project. 

Sign on the dotted line

We will leave you to have a think about the price and us as a company and hopefully the next step is signing the contract! Between the time of you signing the contract and us breaking ground we will be working in the background ordering everything that is needed to create your dream home. 

Enjoy the process

This is the time for you to sit back and trust us in the process, it can be very difficult when you see your home turned upside down but remember the end goal! In a number of weeks we will leave you with the home you have always dreamed of and this will be the best decision you made!

So let’s get started! If you have the idea let us make it a reality. Get in touch today no matter what stage you are at; an idea, drawings or approved building warrant.  Contact us at to get the ball rolling. 

Sawmill Contracts Home Renovation