Fed up of walking into your kitchen and having the dirty washing basket in the middle of the floor or no space to put items such as the ironing board or hoover? Maybe it is time to consider a utility room. 

No matter what your style of kitchen, the most appealing kitchens are always those with the least clutter, so keeping mess to a minimum is the ideal way to have a space that will make you happy to show your home off. 

A utility room can be much more than just an area to hide your washing. With the right planning, it can be an area which can also store pieces of cooking equipment that aren’t always used, muddy boots and messy pets. 

Whether you are looking to add a new extension to your home or convert a space you already have, we are here to help you create your perfect utility room. 

Why have a utility room?

There are a number of benefits to incorporating a utility room into your home, not least the fact it can create a separate space for laundry and provide more space in your kitchen cupboards. 

Additionally with the increase in people moving to open plan living dining space, creating a separate space where the noise of a washing machine or tumble dryer is kept to a minimum can allow you to relax in the heart of your home. 

Remember the value that this can add to your home can go further than just your family. When it comes to possibly selling your home one says it can add value to your property. 


What can you use your utility room for?

We tend to think of a utility room being a space where we can put on washing, close the door and forget about it but we have so many more uses that you may not have considered. 

Have four legged friends who always bring the outside dirty in with them after a raining walk? Why not add a dog cleaning area or shower to help keep the rest of your home clean. You can also store all of their extra items in there as well, from food bowls to beds. Who doesn’t want a dedicated space for their special family member. 

We have found that a lot of newly built homes have very few areas to store a mop and bucket or hoover. We advise looking at adding tall kitchen units to your utility room to house them. This way they have a home but also keeps your new room tidy. For larger families why not consider an extra fridge or freezer which once would be kept outside. This way you have easy access for all your extra items without needing to go far. 

The beauty of creating a utility room is that you can change it to meet whatever your needs are. 

Should your utility match your kitchen? 

This decision is entirely up to you. Utility rooms can be kept as a separate room completely as there is a door but some people like it to feel like a continuation of their kitchen. 

Something we feel you should consider is thinking about cleanliness. A utility room tends to be a space which can get mucky and messy very easily so choosing units that are easy to wipe down and clean is important. Unit doors these days tend to offer anti-fingerprint or stain technology which makes it easier to wipe down. 


How to plan your utility room  

When designing your utility room we believe you should take the same approach as a kitchen and think about how you live and why you are adding this space. 

At minimum you are likely to want space for a washing machine and possibly a dryer. We suggest considering stacking them on top of each other providing you with more cupboard space and less need to bend down. 

If you are also considering using it as a boot room/mudroom you may want to think of storage such as shoe racks or a bench for taking off your muddy shoes. 

Whatever your plan for your utility room, we are able to help you every step of the way. Remember even with adding a small space such as a utility room you may still need architectural drawings and planning permission, these may add additional fees you may not have considered. If you are planning a remodelling of your home or adding a utility room contact us to see how we can help. You may even have unused space that can simply be repurposed with clever design and planning.

Either way it can be a real asset to your home and lifestyle which is why we are here to help