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2024 home trend predictions

As we approach another year, some of us will be thinking about making changes to our home be it big or small. Like every year design trends come and go and we have social media to thank more than ever for this. The current question on people’s lips is what does 2024 have in store for us? To give you a head start if you are in the position to make a change to your home here are four design trends for 2024 that we feel will last beyond the year and see you through many more to come. 

Hotel at home

Why pay the extra to stay somewhere else when you can have it at home? As people spend more time at home we are seeing a desire to bring an aspect of luxury that you would find in a great hotel. Such aspects will be from integrated lighting, bold wallpaper and luxury textures. A lean toward luxury doesn’t mean impracticality. We recommend looking for pieces that are functional and will add a little extra bit of fabulousness to your home. 

Statement floors

For too long flooring has been literally at the bottom of the pecking order when it comes to your home. Why not explore your bold side and choose a different option to go to over the last few years – herringbone. Why not make your floor the key feature of your home. You could keep it exclusively to your porch or utility room or be bolder and make it flow through your entire home. Why not embrace patterned stone, marble or add a little texture? No longer is the option of wooden floor or carpet. 

Character and Sustainability 

The rise in instagram and tiktok along with mass market furniture has made the cookie-cutter aesthetic the go to when people are designing their homes. With this we mean safe colour palettes (grey, cream, one main colour) and expected floor plans. In 2024 it appears that the copycat design will no longer be the emphasis and it will now move to vintage, upcycled, heirloom pieces to tie the home together. The focus will be on character and comfortable, practical living that works for your home and not what everyone else has. If you don’t need it, why are you getting it? 

Rethinking Living Spaces

In 2024, gone are the days of sticking to conventional house blueprints. Home owners are being encouraged to modify spaces tailored to their needs and lifestyle. Whether it is swapping out the dining room for an extra living room. Or converting the attic into a space that works as an office as well as an extra bedroom, the emphasis of home is on functionality and individuality for the people that live there. 

If you are in a position to make changes to your home and are interested in adding some of these aspects into the project we are here to help. We still have space in our 2024 diary so why not start a conversation with us to see how we can best help you reach your goals. Contact us today at